Yeelight bulb V2 color changes by itself


i have fw 1.4.2_0035 (updated today). Yesterday i noticed that by bulb started to change and flicker by itself (i did not control it or anything). It is quite anoying. Also, when i’m in yeelight app in SUN/WHITE tab, the white color is not the same as it was before yesterday. Also, if i put the circle to bottom left, the color is not yellow but purple. Totally wrong (as i mentioned i am on SUN/WHITE tab).

Please help me, this is unacceptable (flicker on its own is very very anoying and hard on the eyes).

I managed to record two videos:


Maybe its similar to Issues with LED Bulb II Color control issues ?

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Please help :slight_smile: can you be of assitance @yusure ?

Hi, have you tried resetting them?

@ronikrana i did yes, several times…no change

after random number of minutes the light is turned on, it starts showing werid behaviour…eg dims and turns to purple and flickers, when it is set to white it changes itself to greenish color, etc…more in my videos on tw

Hi dukedil,

I am facing the exact same issue with one of my color 2 bulbs. Like you, I also tried resetting it but still the same issue.

Did you find a solution?

sadly no…i ordered a new bulb