Issues with LED Bulb II Color control

Hello all,

I’m having trouble connecting to my LED Bulb II Color. It’s either connecting with great delay or not working at all. I’ve reset it twice now and switched from the Germany server to the USA server and back, so it’s now on the Germany which is the recommended one for me.

These issues manifest from both the Yeelight app and Google Home app / assistent (I get the “i’m sorry there was an error and i’m unable to control your home device”). The bulb has the latest firmware version and both mobile apps are up to date. The bulb was working fine until the 31st of december 2018. Sometimes, like 1% of the time it works. My guess would be that there are some issues with the Yeelight servers since the bulb is connected to the internet and it sometimes works.

If anyone has some advice on how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated.

My Yeelight ID is 1905050446.

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@yusure Please help with the issue.

OK, checking

I found logs, logs display “operation timeout”, it should be network has a problem.

Thanks for looking into it. So what does that mean exactly? Is it something on my end? As I said when I made the initial setup I had no issue and it was working fine. A DNS issue maybe?

@yusure can you share some more insight on this? Is this something fixable on my end?

What about Yeelight App ? It works any control ?

@yuryfe same thing. With great delay or sometimes not working at all.

Maybe a DNS issue.

You can try enable 4G hotspot on mobile phone, mobile hotspot name and password the same of router, then cut off router, connect the bulb to the hotspot, try and see if there is any delay.

@yusure I have fixed the issue. I tested like you said on 4G mobile hotspot and it worked flawlessly. Then based on this post Device connection issue caused by DNS resolution failure I changed my DNS settings in my router settings to the Google DNS public IPs and it works fine now.

Thanks again for the help.

You’re welcome, it is my pleasure.

Hi, i write to other topic but nobody respond about brightness problem.
Please add me to the whitelist.
My MI ID is: 1892532561

No problem, just a moment, please

Done, added in color bulb V2 whitelist.

Thank you so much