Color Bulb randomly switching colors and can't ve set to white

Hi, my bulb started to randomly changes color sometimes. And it can’t display white (or white-ish) colors at all. When I go in to the Sun tab, color goes green. Or a really light and weak blue. Sometimes purple. When trying to set it to blue-ish white or green-ish white, it goes to red or green. It stays for sometime in yellow, but changes randomly to another color. And then that color changes to.

I’ve reset it 2 times by now. Tried Yeelight and Mi Home app. Same thing. If it stays off for quite some time, it might display white again. But not for long though. I have other 2 color bulbs, both working fine.

I saw a topic here where 2 people had the exact same issue: Yeelight bulb V2 color changes by itself

Is it a known bug? Maybe controller chip fried? Maybe overheating?

Is it recoverable? Or i’m better off getting a new one?

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i just got another one, i gave up trying with faulty one

thanks for letting me know.
i was about to order another one too. now i’ll definitely do it.
so damn annoying.