Confusion about Galaxy LED Ceiling Light product numbers

Hey there,

I was checking on this beautiful Galaxy LED Ceiling Light with the great ambient / indirect / mood light. When I’m checking the product page ( on my mobile phone, I can see two Product numbers at the bottom of the page:
When I open the page on a PC, I can’t see them!?

But I cannot find these in any store. Every store listing of the Galaxy LED Ceiling Light (Amazon, GearBest, BangGood, etc…) list different model numbers:

  • YLXD02YL: The 650mm version
  • YLXD04YL: The 450mm version
  • YLXD05YL: The 480mm version

Are these older versions of the lamp? Or are these the correct ones?
And the most important question: The 450 and 480mm version seem to not have to have the mood / indirect lightning feature. Is that correct!? Does only the 650mm version have this mood light?
And what are the correct model numbers now? Are the ones on your website the wrong ones?

Thank you so much and greetings,


Only 650 has mood light. The others don’t. Just search gearbest or aliexpress for “yeelight 650” or “yeelight 480” etc…

Cool, thx for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

Please note, you can NOT set scenes with the moot light like other Yeelights!

Hrm, so I cannot add it to a group in the Yeelights app with other lights? I have two Yeelight LED bulbs in two other lamps currently and would group them with the galaxy light then. And that’s not possible?

That’s correct it’s not possible to group the ambiance light of this lamp. I wish I knew this before I bought this ceiling light.

Ou, that’s… Bad… But you still have the same options for it, like you have for the bulbs? Like scenes, choosing from various different colors, etc.?

Yes you can see picture.

But again not possible to group.

Ou, thank you for the screen and the infos, very helpful! :slight_smile:

One last thing then: Have you ever approached Yeelight with the question, if they are planning to support grouping in the future? If not, I would open another thread in this forum, trying to get a response from them.

No problem :smile:

Yes we did multiple times:

Last thing they said about it was, will take it in consideration but we heard nothing from them in like 25 days now.

Is it possible to add the Yeelight 650 to a group without an ambient light setting (i.e. keeping it off, but turning the main light on with a specific state)?