Celling lamp 650 ambient color light + RGB bulbs

It would be really nice if there will be possibility of controlling ambient colors on celling light together with RGB bulbs So the colors match. Now when i set colors in my bulbs i have to set the same color in celling lamp separatly.

Also saving scenes or state of the lamp does not inlude ambilight and it should! Please work on a celling lamp. I really love it, but it needs more work to be thone with ambilight So it can Save it and use it together with color bulbs to create some great color lighting experience

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I would really like to have that feature too, does any of the yeelight staff people know if it’s even possible to make that work in an future update?

Same here what I want. Moreover ambilight led strip is also not recognizable=useless with ifttt and google assistant.

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Will consider about it, thanks. :wink:


I think it is a feature we all want to have on the celling lamp. I bought it because of those ambilight colors and want to have full control together with my color bulbs

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Yes, that would be nice!

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Is there any news on this request? I would love to be on the white list if there is anything to test with the ceiling light 650…!! Id: 176609535

Thanks in advance.

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Any updates on this ? Up