Yeelight Google Home/Alexa service degradation

In the past two weeks, Yeelight Google Home and Alexa services were affected by some server-side issues, we have received a lot feedbacks from different channels including this forum. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Development team has been working very hard with engineers from Cloud Service Provider in the past two weeks. But unfortunately, those problems have not been completely resolved.

We will keep working on it and keep updating progress in this thread.

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Could you please provide a status on these issues?

Also, is it possible to let us know when the newest firmware will be available for all the servers?

Thank you!

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Appreciate you guys working on it, status updates and eta would be great. Thanks!

It was about time to address the issue. It was driving me crazy. Thanks for letting us know… I hope it doesn’t take to long. Can you give us a status update or an ETA? Thanks!

We have added some optimization, please let us know if you run into any problem again with Alexa or GH control. Thanks!

There still is a 6-7 second delay, some report worse. Seems like nothing Jase changed in the speed…

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Yup! Same here … I see no difference. German server.

I’m on German server as well, but there seems to be no difference between servers.

I’m on US server and it’s about the same. It takes about 7-10 seconds to turn on / off / change color / brightness of any Yeelight Bulb. The only commands that are working properly are “Activate Scene” (1-3 second at the most). I’m really disappointed because before they all just worked perfectly.

Of course. My MI ID is 1615183006

Done in this topic.

Same here 6-7 seconds for Google Home commands to register.

mi id 1891770519 (Edit: fixed id#)

Sorry, i didn’t find this ID. can you take a screenshot ?

Please take a look at my reply to this post:

Yeah sure, screenshot below.

EDIT: Oh crap I typed the wrong number, lol. Sorry, correct ID below, thanks


You are right, i found it.

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Is this still an on going issue or is the issue on my side? I just received my Yeelight (v2 color) and I am very happy with it, I’m on the german servers, but controlling it with my google home is slow as heck! It takes usually around 5-6 seconds before it does anything…

Yep, seems like everybody has the same problem. I’ve read some people saying that it didn’t have any delay before. My delay is somewhere between 7-12 seconds…

Alright I’ll just wait patiently until they have a fix :slight_smile: