Yeelight Google Home/Alexa service degradation


Hi all,

Please try control it again, i fixed it.


I have issues with scenes. When i try to activate a scene it says yeelight isn’t available right now. Do i need to re-link the service with google? I already made the “sync my devices” trick.


Thanks! It’s now working as before. It only takes 2-3 second to respond. Very happy with the fix. Thanks again.


Same here, although dimming lights on Google Home app still take some time, voice commands are much faster. Thanks!



The update has worked out very well. The bulbs respond super quick now. What a great product this is after the fix. Truly great value. I want to thank the developers for staying in close contact with their consumers. I will continue to stay active on this forum. Thank you guys.


Are you guys working on an update for the linking proces as well? I am just not able to get it connected, the Yeelight to the Google home… It just is loading and wont do anything. If needed i can post an little video about what it does


Yeah create a video and share it.



Hello, try re-install GoogleHome app and clear browser cache.


I did, but it didnt work. @yusure



Please report this issue to Google team.!forum/googlehome