1% still too bright


I have some new lights now the latest version is not showing anymore for my new devices. Looks like I am not whitelisted anymore.
Just wish this fix would be pushed to all devices and have a switch the lights settings for the experimental feature. I cannot live without this feature

My id 1894961278



Could we please, please, please get an update on this (1909037018)?


Hi @liufei

Please add me also to the whitelist.
MI ID: 1675703117
Server: Singapore



Come on Yeelight Staff, ware are you? @liufei :smile:
Your last post is one month old and people are waiting.


I doubt there will be prompt response now.
Many of them have started the long vacation leave for Chinese New Year.


Hmmm I added another light and now I am no longer getting the whitelist firmware. Can I please get this added for my other lights?



Same here, now my new lights do not have the update. Hope they release an official firmware soon with the ability to switch on experimental mode.
That would be the best solution to have the feature available for anyone who do want the low brightness setting


I have two bed MI and no experimental firmware.


Do Yeelight staff still cares with this? I don’t see an official update… The most popular thread, 3 months active, costumers still complain and nothing.

This is the type of attitude who makes costumers looking for other solutions.


I’d also like the experimental update.

My MI ID: 6150561866


I’d like to get the experimental update, too. Is it working now on german servers?

Mi ID: 1594292360


Whitelist me for the experimental update please as well
Mi ID: 6150719706
German server


My words… I have a full system of Yeelight lights in my home, and i had a few requests to yeelight stuff, very basic, nothing special and I’m sure if they’d care, they could help me in one minute. Unfortunately, none of my requests has been solved, this goes on already for many months, and over the time i recieved only once any reaction at all…

If it goes on like this, I will turn to Philips Hue, because they at least care… I’m not really sad about how company i spent so much money on treats me… :frowning:


Hi Man, Don’t get disappointed, we are keep watching on your issues and priority all the requests due to limited resources , Thanks for trust Yeelight and we are working on it.


Hi guys, as you know, we are working Homekit support for bulb v2, and the latest firmware is for Homekit support without patch resolve issue of 1% brightness. So there’s no whitelist available for bulb v2 for beta testing yet, but please don’t worry, we will release a new update once we find a decent way to fix the issue.

By the way, if you have bulb v1 and you want to try beta version with 1% bright, please leave your xiaomi account.


@EricJiang @dingyichen Would it be possible to have the 1% brightness fix for the Bedside lamp ? I have the v2 (not the new v2) and I would love to have that feature.

The minimum brightness is way too high for a “bedside” lamp. Specially when you use sunset mode…


I have the bulb v1 and like to try the beta version.

My MI id is: 1752990543
I’m on the Germany server.



Only Bulb v1




v1 here… ID 1612307755


I’d like this on my v1 bulb (1909037018) but I only have one of those… I have 14 v2 bulbs I purchased 6 weeks ago, in large part because of many happy people in this thread with the low-brightness firmware. Really really really disappointing to have spent so much money and had the rug pulled out from under me a bit.