1% still too bright


Can I also be whitelisted please.


Could I please be on White list id: 1696086662 mainland China
I want low dimming.
Thank you.


If still possible, can you add me to the whitelist : signapore server Id: 1639790132


I’d like I to be added to the whitelist :slight_smile: MI ID: 1911743780


Any update? Still not seeing this (1909037018).


I would also like to know when I can receive this patch (id 1902928435)


Please add me to the whitelist.
My MI ID is: 1892532561
German Server.


I’d like to get whitelisted too.
MI ID: 1786370027
Thank you in advance!


Hi - still no upgrade coming through for me - I’ve tried China Mainland server. Is there anything else I can do?

I am Mi ID: 1595417928 on Mainland China Server, seeking to be whitelisted.




I received an update of the application with which I was part of the beta program now.
But the firmware remains the same 1.5.9_0170 and I do not see any changes regarding the 1% (for MI V2 )


Could you please add me too to the whitelist? I want lower brightness.

My Mi ID is: 191 389 102 1

Thanks in advance.


Hi, I would like to be whitelisted too for lower brightness

Mi ID: 1605955713


Hi again,

me and many others have requested to have access to the patch but still there is no patch available for us to upgrade.

Mi ID: 26220458 German servers.




I’m also interested in the patch.
Mi ID: 1583457820
German Server



Hello, if you can put me on the whitelist, i would appreciate very, very much. I have a whole system of Yeelight lights and as well as the others, i find the brightness of 1% still way too bright. I can understand, that the colors can be unprecise then.
Thank you very much for your responses and the offer. :slight_smile:


Mi ID: 1864681445 German servers


Again, please? Still not whitelisted


Please add my account to the whitelist. My Mi Id is 1578510048.

Thank you very much,
Ian Shurmer


What exactly are you guys finding when you mention colour inaccuracy being worse?

I don’t think it could be any worse. i sure don’t get 16 million colours like advertised, more like 6 colours with three steps of white in them.

Same with the white setting, there’s really only a few white temperatures and no smooth transition between them, just a sudden jump colder/warmer.


well said sir! there is not 16M colors and moreover impossible in the state to make the progressive ignition. this is a basic of this type of lamp.