1% still too bright


Hi! Yeelight staff is still overwhelmed by bringing homekit support lately. They already know our complaint and will surely work on it on their next updates. So don’t be that disappointed


Hi guys, please add me to the whitelist.
MI ID: 1814107448 / server: Germany
V1 bulbs x 4
V2 bulbs x 1
V1 ledstrips x 2



Hi, can you please add me to the whitelist as well? My ID -1714883141 /Singapore server. Thanks a bunch!


MI id 1839392773, Germany server.



I despair, many times I asked that my ID be whitelisted. Several times.

I bought 2 bedside lamps MI v2 and I do not have 1% but 50% instead.
I have the Beta version of the application but I do not have the firmware that goes with it.
Never again, never again would I buy this brand it’s decided.

The quality of the product is very good, you could think of apple.
But the application is catastrophic, unfinished, done quickly, and it’s unbearable.


i want also to try the patch :slight_smile:




can you whitelist my account as well

My ID: 1768878088
German server




2 v1 color light bulbs
1 strip

Thank u


MI ID 1827481985 Singapore



Hi, I would like to be added to the whitelist, thanks for your help, your devices are awesome :slight_smile:
Mi id: 1908028671
German server


I would also like to be whitelisted
mi ID: 1906127121


I’d like to be whitelisted as well, my ID is 1582573210 on German server.


Hi, I’ve the same issue with the dimmer, at 1% it’s far too bright compared to the Philips Hue I’ve. Anyone with the firmware “patch” can tell how is working? I see there are some cons of this firmware…

Do we know if developers are still working on a final FW release to solve the problem?


I have never seen in my life a lamp that displays 1% and displays 50%.
This is unheard of ! It’s still something incredibly impossible to understand from a builder, who tells us that he can not do anything but keep 50% ^^ for the unrealistic world.


Please whitelist MI ID: 1752306167



Hi, I have a V1 can I try it too ?
I’m on German server with ID : 1780832859
But I’ll switch to mainland server if needed.


I am also interested for this patch to to test.
My ID is : 5194711003


Hello! I badly want to use the beta firmware to get a lower brightness because it is unusable at bedtime! My Mi ID is 1581740507
Thank you!


I would like to try the beta firmware. I have two v1 bulbs.
My id: 1586881829
Thank you.


Hi, please add me to whitelist as well - ID: 1784071285