1% still too bright


Yes, same here.


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After 2 weeks now I haven’t got the update. Tried to switch to mainland China with no luck. I really need the update. My ID 1902911361 using German server.


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I tested the firmware on two of my bulbs since a week now.

The minimum brightness is well reduced at 1% (specially for the white color), so this is a super great feature that should be implemented on all bulbs.

However, I noticed a bug that happens in some situations. When you have the brightness set at 1% and you try to change the color temperature, sometimes the minimum brightness go back to something like 10% and start to fluctuate.
It do not happens all the time.

The color accuracy is not good for low brightness but it is true only from 1% to 10% so not a big deal for me.

Would it be possible to add an option in the parameters of the bulbs to allow the reduced brightness?
It would be nice to be able to enable it without the need to use a special firmware.




I would like to try the patch as well!

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Also interested in trying this for reduced brightness levels.

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Woud like to get the patch for this also PLEASE:

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Got the update. The brightness is a LOT better. The only thing is that anything below 10% on orange just turns to red which is perfectly fine for me, other colours appear to be OK. But i can see why they dont want to release it as an official update.


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@yeelight > Do you think it will be possible to port this fix to the Xiaomi Bedside lamp v2 ?
This lamp is way too bright specially when you use sunset mode.

I would love to have the low brightness function on that lamp too.



Totally agree!


yes me too !!! for v2