1% still too bright


Could you whitelist me please?
i’m on German server.

MI ID: 1901030151

Thank you.


There are people that still waiting from may for color accuracy to be fixed…I will change back to V1 cause of this.so dont be that sure about the 1 month you said.


Is there going to be official update for this issue? If so when it’s coming out?


I agree.


I switched from german server to china for update my bulbs, then switched back to german server and they kept the update and now finally it’s amazing to have a night light.


Hi! Could you please whitelist me too?
Id: 1802805126



The 1% brightness does not work as it should. I do not understand when you say that this feature will not be deployed in a final version and that you have to go through a special whitelist version. 1% regardless of the color will always remain 1%.

Of course the color will be less bright, but this normal option is necessary for a real simulation of the dawn, in other words to make a progressive ignition. It can not be done starting at 50%. Because the 1% currently corresponds to 50%.

Thank you for responding on this point, otherwise I want to be whitelist too. Last thing, when there is an update of the application, whitelists are warned, and the update of the whitelist version included the new features of the final version.

ID : 1906218761
Mainland server


I’d like to be added to the alpha whitelist as well.

My MI id is: 1752990543

Thanks in advance!


Changed to V1 and im happy again.And i finally got the dimming update too.that it wasn’t visible for whatever reason in V2…Also something i noticed,if you choose Mi home app,the red is not as saturated and its very similar to V2 red.But its works fine on the yeelight app.So i believe that there is something that prevents V2 lamp to go all the way Red too…Hopefully t will get fixed…if it does,i will buy V2 again cause its brighter…


Hi there.
Can I please be added as well?
Mi id 1844813260.
Germany server.

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Could I be added to the beta as well (this should be an optional in-app feature imo and should default to on for white mode).

Mi ID: 1909037018
USA Server


Agree on thoses fox that it should be an in-app feature !! Plz make it available for everyone


I got an update (1.4.2_0037) from mainland china server without any problems.
Thank you.



Please add me to the whitelist.
My MI ID is: 1888314867
German Server.

Thank you!


Hi there…

Please add me on the white list as well.

Mi id is: 287656359
German Server.

Btw. Kann mir irgendwer den Lichtfluss erklären - ich seh da keinen Unterschied bei den Farbeinstellungen?

Can anyone explain the differences of the lightflow?


Hi Liufei,

Would you please add me to the whitelist.




Hi @liufei,
Please add me to whitelist as well.


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Hi @liufei

Please add me to the whitelist for update

Mi id 1595417928

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I also would like to try it
Mi ID 1902928435


Has anyone else noticed that in flow mode with under around 10% the bulb goes completely out sometimes transitioning between colors? And anything warm under around 10% is just red?