1% still too bright


I would to have the new patch also to try on my devices. My id 1894961278

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I would like to apply to this patch please ! My Mi ID is 1599141757. Thanx!


Ping - has anyone tries the new patch and what are the result now?


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It’s been 2 weeks and my bulbs still say they’re on the latest version at 1.4.2_0035


I’d like to get whitelisted too.
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I’m on China Mainland server.
Have 4 white bulbs and 2 color. All too bright.
My Mi ID IS: 1872886483.

Update to 0.37 has been done, but it only covers the RGB bulb.
Will an update be available for the white bulbs as well? They are too bright too.


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Dear @liufei
Good day. Please add my ID:1831880627 to whitelist for the update.
Just a thought…Since the brightness is a color clarity issue…Wouldn’t it be possible to make the bulb more dimmable on white mode only and keep the “brighter 1%” on color mode


@liufei, got the update when I switched to Mainland China server. The patch is not apparently syncing to other regions.

That said, the patch is perfect. 1% is now much better and perfectly usable as a night light. The color inaccuracy is only in this lower brightness, other things seem to be unaffected. I have 4 bulbs (V2) and I updated 1 so far and the difference is visible.

To the person who was suggesting people here to buy a separate night light is aware of only use case, his/her. People are using these colored bulbs in different ways and some flexibility with an alpha patch will not hurt.

I hope this change comes to a live patch as a developer option to enable lower brightness with proper disclaimer (just like dev options in Android OS).


Since we are all impatient here, mind providing some side to side pictures? :smiley:


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Why not just add an option in settings to allow dimmer lights with a warning that colours may be innacarate?


Just to feedback after testing my bulbs.

First gen I got 100lux for the lowest brightness and yellow light.

As for second gen, I got 248lux for the lowest brightness and yellow light.

Both are tested with my phone at 15cm distance.

I am wondering if I am in the loop or not.


Please add me to the whitelist ID: 1902828063


If someone wonders I just installed it on my V1 bulb (needed to temporarily switch from the German server to the mainland China server to see it) and it is a huge improvement!


What do we need to do to get an update…im in mainland china and there is no update at all,neither the official 0037 or the 1% patch…Why is it so hard to get an update?And why i dont see any when other already did it.Switching back and forth to all servers and no update at all.


Going to switch to Hue lights this is just ridiculous; We shouldn’t be looking through forums to get such a feature like why wouldn’t this be included in the app giving you a warning that it may decrease color accuracy? Why not link us the custom firmware rather than making us wait? Considering this is one of the most popular threads on their forums you would think they would take some necessary steps to make this more convenient but no. Customer Confidence is low for this one guys. I thought hue lights were overpriced but ill pay the extra bucks for not cutting corners… smh


I think this is the problem with Yeelight. They release a semi-finished product ALWAYS. The v2 have problems, but they are like: “fuck it, we finish it later, or never, let’s release another product”. After the v2 I read they were working on a E14 bulb, but until today nothing, yet, they release a dumb E27 bulb, a pendant light, the night light…


I got hue and i will gladly wait for this update. You are literally talking about 1 month of wait time. Hue is too expensive in the long run