1% still too bright


I would appreciate if you can add me to this white list.

Id: 15963115461
Device: Yeelight bulb v2
Server: Germany

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I would try the new patch:

2x RGB Bulb V2
Mi ID: 1890753327
German server



@liufei Hi I would really like to get this update.

Id: 1902407023
Server: Germany.

Also as a side note, why not create a advance section in the app where you will allow this kind of “custom” tweaks for more advanced users?

That way normal users will not use those features unless they agree and understand that functionally is not guaranteed.

Many thanks,


Still waiting for the update :frowning:


I’d like to get whitelisted too.
MI id 1902911361
Thank you!


That’s a great idea at least in my opinion


Hey @liufei ! Please give firm handshakes to developers in the office for doing incredible work.

Do we have an ETA when the new patch will be released? I bet it is crazy during the christmas and new year (+ chinese new year as well?)



I would like to have my id whitelist too…thanks.


Please add me to white list! V2 1844010731


I’d also like to get the patch :slight_smile:

MI ID: 1892933508


Please add me to the whitelist my mi ID is: 1903186042


I want to try it too, please. 1617414455


Please patch me aswell. Multiple v1 and V2 bulbs. ID=1659382807



Could you add me to the whitelist as well?
Account: 1862631628
Server: Mainland China

I’m very happy that the only issue I have with these bulbs is finally being fixed. Time to buy some more soon! :sunglasses:

Thank you!


the fact that you guys prefer to sacrifice color accuracy so that you can get 1% brightness to be less bright… it blows my mind.

go buy a stupid night light! people are buying an RGB bulb for the colors! if you don’t care about color accuracy go buy the white version of the bulb and do what you want with it. Yeelight don’t mess up another product of yours. Fix color accuracy in the rgb version. @liufei


Hello @liufei and all and thanks to Xiaomi for supporting us lively
Please add me to the whitelist for the firmware i have the .35 yet on German Server.
I would like to be able to set the bulb to just barely see in the dark even if the color is not really accurate.
And If you want accuracy then you would just increase brightness!


Hi, all, sorry for delayed response. All ID mentioned above have been added to the alpha user list. Please check if you can see the new firmware later. If you don’t mind, try china mainland server if your chosen server does now show the new versions.

And please be noted this patch will not go official. Before further noted, please do not upgrade from version 1.4.2_0071(v1 bulbs) or 1.4.2_0037(v2 bulbs).


@liufei forgot to mention id:
LED bulb II Color



Nothing so far in mine,im on mainland china as you said,And with 1.4.2_35 firmware.


Has anyone tried it yet?