1% still too bright


Can I be whitelisted too? Thanks

ID: 1893051286


Still no New firmware available on german server…


Updated to 1.4.2_0037 - it’s much better now!
Although, to my taste it could be even dimmer, but it is ok, I can use it in bedroom now.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:


Still no update … I’m one mainland china, my ID is 1872611628 and I’ve a striplight wich is on 1.4.2_0049


Great to hear, from what I understand the color accuracy is affected only at lower level of light and the normal higher % of brightness is not affected. Is my understanding of this patch true ? Could you please confirm ?

I am waiting for the patch to be synced to the US servers.


I tried to “alpha” firmware and I do not see a big difference in term of brightness.

Color accuracy seems to not be accurate (but that is the same with the GA firmware - Eg: red is orange).

I do not understand why you cannot have a low brigtness on your light bulbs. If you are using PWM you should be able to have a led with almost no power.

I am using ULN2003A on self made light bulbs, and honestly it is working perfectly well (perfect color accuracy, perfect low light brightness). If I remember correctly there is 4096 different level of power with this simple chip.

I would like to equip my entire house with colored led lights, and for the moment this xiaomi bulbs do not convinced me


If this is also for V1 then please add me :slight_smile: MI ID: 1612307755


Hi, thanks for such a quick response, but I have not received the patch yet. Is it normal? I am using the server from Germany


Still waiting on the patch… US server


Still waiting for the patch … Mainland china


Would want to try it if it also works on the v1 bulbs. My Mi id 1587413416

If I were to install this update and don’t like it I can just opt out of the whitelist and get the normal updates, right?


Hi i have V2 Bulb also.I would like to try it too.My Id is 586468515 Thank you!!


Hi! Could you please add me to the alpha firmware update list?

ID: 1802805126
Bulb V2, German server


I would appreciate if you can add me to this white list.

Id: 1766095351
Device: Yeelight bulb v2
Server: mainland China

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Still not available over here at the German server. Any update on the progress?


I would love to try this patch also, my ID is: 1894109523



Could you please add me to the whitelist for the patch? My Mi ID is 1899327897.



I would love to try the patch for a lower minimum brightness. Could you add me to the whitelist?

My ID: 1877878553



I’m on China Mainland server. Like to test too.
Have 4 white bulbs and 2 color. All too bright.
My Mi ID IS: 1872886483


still no updates, stuck on 1.2.4_0035

i need the 0037 :frowning: can’t sleep without night lights

Singapore server
mi id: