1% still too bright


I would like to try the patch as well!

Mi ID 1879641782


“We have can give an emergent patch for this now, with one side effects (reason why the brightness 1 is set a bit high), that colors are not represented accurately when brightness is low, e.g. light purple or pink looks more red,”

Sounds like the patch might fix both problems for you inadvertently


Great to hear that there is being worked on. Me personally will wait for final release of the fix because I can live with the current brightness.


I would also like the patch!
My Yeelight Bulbs v2 and the Strip are way too bright on 1%.

Mi ID: 1886312793


Same here!
Mi ID: 1588386249
Thank you in advance.


@gobagoba @ekmccarthy25 @djamel @Fuske123
Your UID have been added in whitelist. Please check for updates and feedback :slight_smile:
It could take some time (~1day) before being synced to oversea servers. You can try mainland server in order to receive the new version immediately.

Please provide your uid. thanks.


Hi, can i get the patch for my light bulb v2?
My Mi ID is 336625807.
Thank you.


sure. just updated whitelist.


Hi Please Whitelist my account as well.It will be great if the patch notes are also shared as well as a possible way to revert in case something is unstable (since this is an in-progress build).

Thanks a lot for recognizing this issue and following up with an intermediate patch.

MI ID 1579268405


Hi, mine is 1894667021


Keen to hear someone else’s feedback on the patch before applying myself.


Can you please add me too?

I am connected on Mainland China.
And my ID is : 1815603655



@tarey_g @min2sia @morcus
all set


Thanks! I’m on the German server so firmware update isn’t available yet.
Will share my feedback when its installed.


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Liufei,

I’ve updated my color bulb to version 1.4.2_0036. Is this the patch you released?
It’s still very bright at 1%. I can’t even tell if there is any difference from previous version 1.4.2_0035.



I would love to try this patch out!
My Mi ID: 1732055427


Hi, I would love trying the patch too. I don’t care a lot a out color accuracy.
My id is 1581338592
Thanks in advance


There’s 1.4.2_0037 now with even lower brightness (and no doubt higher inaccuracy). pls check it out.


@skrishan @Ivan_0013