I can't save any new scene or delete any existing scene


Installed V3.1.68. The issue is still there. However, The app icon is okay now


Installed V3.1.68. The issue is still there.


We just added some debug log in this version, unfortunately we didn’t get anything so far. The team will be out of office in the next seven days for national holiday, so I am afraid there will no progress in next week. Sorry about that, we will look into it once the team back in office.


Well, yes, they broke the application and went to rest. Cool!


Sorry for that. We can’t reproduce this issue in lab and we didn’t get any useful log to analysis so far. We will dig deeper. Thanks for your understanding.


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We have released 3.1.69 via internal testing channel. In this version, we added more debug log and new log upload service. Hope we could get the error log this time.

Thanks for your support on this case.


I updated. I use the Chinese server. My save error:


I have found something may has something to do with this issue. Will release 3.1.70 via internal testing channel, please help to verify. Thanks!



I have just uploaded v3.1.70. Please help to verify. Thanks!


Google play does not show update yet … I wait …


Waiting for the update


Updated to .70 version, Switched to mainland china server. The issue is still there



Which Android version do you have with your phone?

We have found the root cause. It will happen on Android version below lollipop, TSL protocol version issue.


Mine one is 5.1.1 lollipop


We have fixed the issue, could you have a try again? Let us know if it works.


It doesn’t work, Mainland china .70 version


I also have an android version 5.1.1. Updated to 70, there is a problem.


Yes same


.70 version. Problem still here.


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Sorry for the inconvenience, a new version v71 with the fix is available from beta test, please have a try.