I can't save any new scene or delete any existing scene

Hi there,
I have got some yeelights in my house. I already have set up some scenes in Yeelight app. But I can’t delete them now. It always says “Failed to delete”. The same issue occurs when I wanna add a new scene. Also these scenes are always there in my google home app. It can’t be deleted. Can anyone help me out? I am currently on Singapore server.

Actually we receive a few feedback about the issue, but we don’t find the root cause. Could you help us debug the issue? we will release a beta version to you, there are some more detail error message.

Yes, I can help by testing the beta version. By the way, I am already a beta tester of yeelight app. I have signed up from google play store. Will it work?

Yes, you will receive beta version soon.

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So, after receiving beta version will it be fixed? I need to delete the yeelight scenes now.

I have the same problem :frowning: l can’t save any new scene. And there is no recommended scenes in application.

we are working on this. Will release beta version with debug toast.


@Olga.iso @Mahbub_asif

Could you please try app with the link of QR code?


We add more debug info, please let us know the error you encounter when save new scene, thanks!

Please show me the screen capture of the error toast when you trying to save your customization light.

Or you can confirm if it was showing “javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException”.

It’s the same app version I was using. The issue is still there

Here’s the screenshot

Please try to add a customization light.

Customization light means? I also have the same issue as @Olga.iso I can not see any recommended scenes

Please try to create a customization. We only add debug log at this point.

I can’t save the customized light, it always shows “failed du to network” But I can preview. Please check screenshot

Which server did you select?

Singapore server now

Hi, could you have a try again with version 3.1.64, you can get it from Google Play, Yeelight beta test link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.yeelight.cherry. Thanks!