I can't save any new scene or delete any existing scene


I updated.Now I can save the “customization”. (And now I see saving on the server). But I do not have scenes by default.When you go to the settings of the lamp first opens the default settings page (Which are not)and from it the application returns to the list of devices. Because of this, I cannot turn on the lamp in the desired mode. Need more corrections …


What do you mean scenes by default? And what about restart the application to see if you can go to page of settings? Please capture a picture to show it.


I still haven’t received the update


Please go to Google Play, search Yeelight. You will see version 71 if you are in beta test.


I dont see after searching, I am in internal testing. Do I need to opt out from internal testing and join public beta testing again?


Yes, please register from https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.yeelight.cherry


It says I am already a tester. However, I am signing up again from google play store. Will let you know


I don’t have inline scenes. When you try to change the color of the application falls.


After updating I can delete and save scenes, Thanks. But the application keeps crashing. Same as @scherbakov.al


Also “recommended scenes” are still not visible


@Mahbub_asif @scherbakov.al

Thanks for feedback, I just updated a new version 72, have a try. Let me if it works.


Yes, the recommended scenes have appeared. But the app crashes when I try to go to favorites.(:star:)


It is impossible to configure the inclusion of the scene in the alarm clock.


Updated, seems like everything is okay here. It still showed “failed to deleted” any scene. But after refreshing it is okay. Will let you know if I get any issue. Also going to favorite in the app doesn’t crash on my side


@Mahbub_asif @scherbakov.al

New version 3.1.73 is update, have a try.


Подскажи, пжл, туплю. Обновление в гугл плэй должно само появиться? У меня до .70 обновилось, дальше не хочет. К бета-тестированию подключена, однако новой версии не наблюдаю ( Переустанавливать пробовала, тоже ничего.


The application is working, there are scenes. But today the bulbs did not turn on the scene as scheduled.


Itself, yes.


3.1.73 is working perfectly. No issue on my side


It’s working correctly! I see recomended scenes, can save new and delete them.