I can't save any new scene or delete any existing scene


I will build internal testing channel for you, Please help to verify the fix for these issues.

will pm the channel url. @scherbakov.al @Olga.iso


The app icon is showing like this on my Xiaomi Redmi 2 prime (2014811). Using Yeelight on the old phone


I’ll be glad to help. Waiting for instructions …


still building. will ping you.


@scherbakov.al @Olga.iso @Mahbub_asif please pm me your email


sent personally


Done. Try if you could upgrade to 3.1.67.


How is it going?


ok, I’m waiting for an update …


I already pm you the opt-in url.


I reinstall the app, the icon is ok, but the program still not works. Samsung galaxy Tab A6, Android 5.1.1




Still keep crashing?


No, 3.1.64. There is no update for 3.1.67 in Google Play.
And what about link in pm? I can’t use it…


one more device with the same problem (can’t save scene) huawei t1-701u, android 4.4.2


will release 3.1.68 for more debug logs. Thanks for your help on this issue.

@Olga.iso @scherbakov.al @Mahbub_asif


V3.1.68 released via internal test channel. Please try and let me know. Appreciate!

@Olga.iso @scherbakov.al @Mahbub_asif


How can I join to internal test channel? Link in pm does not work ( “This app is not available for this account”.


Sure. Already added. Please try.



3.1.68 problem still here