I can't save any new scene or delete any existing scene


I only can download 3.1.62 version. What am I doing wrong?


Seems like the 3.1.64 version is not yet available there to download. Can you please check the link?


Apparently, it should take some time before the program is updated in the Google Play.


my mistakes


did you get that error on 3.1.63 or 3.1.64?


I got that error on 3.1.63


why don’t you try 3.1.64 beta? I believe this version will fix your problem.


I am not able to download it, It’s not available yet to download in the google play store


Did you register the beat testing channel?



Yes, I can update now. Let me check the issue


The issue is the same, Not fixed. The app icon of Yeelight of this version is not showing


my version of 64. (in goggle play written).
The program itself does not show the version-it jumps to the page with the room.
The error is still present.


Check the screenshot of the app icon


Still showing the following error message when you trying to save customization?



@Mahbub_asif Are you also having the same icon issue?


I have the same icon now after updating, and I can’t run the application. “the application was stopped”


We have collected a log crash report for this beta version. Could you please try to reinstall the app?


@Mahbub_asif @Olga.iso

For the app icon issue, please let me know your phone model and system version. Thanks!


I reinstalled the program. Also I have a problem with the icon. After reinstalling and connecting the lamp, the program fell out. An attempt to enter the application fails - the application drops out. It just doesn’t work.
Meizu MX4PRO. OS-Flyme


Thanks! I will look into it.