Google Home unable to link with Yeelight / Mi Home

Hi, i am unable to contect my yeelight account to Google Home Home Control. My account is connected to Singapore Server, My Id : 1863754450


Which step do you stuck?


After Step 5

I got no problem with other home control Linked Services , its not my connection problem.

We are working on the fix.


Fixed, please try again.

Thanks connected to my Google home

@dingyichen I previously linked my yeelight app and mi home app with google home. The mi home app will also show up all my yeelights inside google home.

Now there seems to be a problem. Previously, when I used voice command to turn on/off a light. It will be able to respond to that name I gave to that light. However, yesterday I unlinked and relinked mi home app to make some updates. Now when I issued the voice commands to turn on/off the lights, google home tells me that it doesn’t know which particularlight I’m referring to.

May I know what’s happening and how can this be resolved? Thanks.

Mihome skill is not in our control, do you have the same issue if you use Yeelight skill?

@dingyichen Yes, I understand Mi Home skill is not under your control but whatever Yeelights I have in my Yeelight app appear in the Mi Home app also and I’m unable to delete them away in the Mi Home app. If I do delete those Yeelights away in the Mi Home app, they will consequently be deleted away in the Yeelight app as well.

Previously before I did an update by unlinking and relinking the Mi Home app, I didn’t have a problem controlling those lights in Google Home even though both Mi Home app and Yeelight app co-exist inside. The problem only came about when I did an update a few days ago.

I troubleshoot by removing the Mi Home app from Google Home and just use Yeelight app and it is working fine. The confusion comes in when I add back in the Mi Home app into Google Home.

Appreciate if you can advise what can be done to sort this out as I have other devices in Mi Home app as well and unfortunately I am unable to filter the Yeelight devices out from Mi Home app.

Can you remove the duplicated lights discovered through MiHome Action in Google Home App?

@weiwei Nope, it cannot be done removing the duplicated lights from Mi Home inside Google Home. Google Home will import all devices listed in Mi Home app over whenever I link it.

The problem is both Yeelights and Mi Home share similar light ecosystem. I don’t know why but previously I didn’t have a problem when both Mi Home and Yeelight co-exist within Google Home. Google Home was able to identify they were the same lights based on their ID numbers. But now, it stopped working a few days ago when i understand there was some issue linking Mi Home app to Google Home. It could be servers in Mi Home and Yeelight causing this new added confusion.

Try renaming the lights on the Google Assistant app, I did this. GA will get confused if both duplicated device shared the same name.

@Mikecaesario I did that but still doesn’t work. I renamed the lights found in the linked Mi Home app inside Google Home and kept the original preferred names of those for Yeelights.

I suspect that Google Home identifies the devices based on their unique IDs despite me renaming them.

What’s the response of GA?

@weiwei when I issued the command, GA responds with this, “Sorry I don’t know which (light name) you want to turn on.”

Suppose you have two lights A&B, A is discovered through mihome and B through Yeelight, if you issue command to A, what’s the response? And how about B? If A & B share the same ID but different name.

hello, I use yeelight app and trying to connect with google home, but cannot , my ID 1859283890, can you help me, thanks

Yep can confirm, mine did this since this morning and giving me the exact same responds, @weiwei can you help us out? Changing the name still make GA confuse.

this evening i successfully added my Yeelight v2 color to google home, all commands worked, only I can’t set color to red, green and blue works, admim can you help?, thanks

@yusure please help.