Google Home unable to link with Yeelight / Mi Home



I am late, just see the logs, set red color’s response is normal, can you try it again and take a video?

Thank you


thank you admin for the response , still can’t change color to red
my GH answer is : my apologies, I don’t understand.
my command is : set target to red or change target to red.
other commands GH execute nicely without problem, later i will make the video, thank you


@weiwei I recently bought another yeelight V2 bulb and that makes it a total of 3 V2 bulbs and 1 light strip that I have.

I got the lights to turn on pink color and noticed that one of the light bulbs show an accurate rendition of the pink color but the other 2 bulbs and the light strip’s pink color look like a washed out white rather than pink color.

The problem is even more obvious when I placed the bulb with the correct pink color beside the one who shows a washed out pink color.

Can you advise what can be done to correct this problem of inaccurate color rendition for this pink color?



My mi id is 1641244081 and i’m connected to USA server from Europe.
I configured my Yeelight bulb v2 to phone through Yeelight app and all is ok, but when connecting to google home, appears a success message, but no device appears in my list.
Why ? can you help me ?

Thank you.


i can’t connect my yeelight to google home even after the update My box , google home and yeelight have been reseted by still no connection between google home and my yeelight. (singapore serveur). can you help . thanks. Mr Nils


Hi @weiwei

Can you kindly let me know the solution to my problem regarding the difference in color issue? Thanks.


would you take a picture and show us?


@weiwei please see the attached picture. The bulb on the left shows pink whereas the bulb on the right shows more of a whitish pink instead of the actual pink color.


Are the bulbs both v2 and the same firmware version? Please have a check.


@dingyichen I just checked and the bulb that projects the right shade of pink has firmware (1.4.2_0030) and the other two bulbs which gives a whitish pink has firmware (1.4.2_0027) and the light strip has firmware (1.4.2_0044).

Can you let me know how do I go about upgrading all of them to the latest firmware? Thanks.


Please use Yeelight application, you will see available version to update from slide menu.


@dingyichen I have tried looking at the side menu on firmware versions but it says all my devices are the latest version but I can see from the individual firmwares in the devices that they are not. What else can I do to get them to the latest firmware?


Which server do you select?


Please have a try again.


@dingyichen thanks. I have managed to successfully upgraded to the new firmware for the two bulbs. But I would like to ask if there’s an upgrade for the firmware for the light strip too because the pink color that it projected also has a whitish glow instead of the actual pink?

It will be good if the color is consistent as I use the bulbs beside the light strip for my TV console.



Which lightstrip do you have? Is is extendable?

Please leave your xiaomi account, I will add you into whitelist, so you can update to latest firmware.


@dingyichen I have the first version of the light strip which is non-extendable. My MI ID is 1837527777.


Added, please have a try after 24:00 pm (six hours later).


@dingyichen I just tried to upgrade the firmware from the side menu but it says all firmwares are latest updated but on my light strip device, it still says 1.4.2_0044

Please let me know what can be done next? Thanks.


There’s no firmware over 1.4.2_0044 available except Mainland China server, sorry about it.

You can have a try reconnect the strip to China server, update to latest firmware and then reconnect to server you used. :rofl: