【Google Home】Mainland China Server Support - Released


Not sure if the support is already officially out. But yesterday I received the new Yeelight RGB bulbs (2. gen), which I found out I was only able to add on Mainland China server (other servers showing only old bulbs). Currently waiting for the Gateway and switches. And I was surprised to see that those new bulbs on China server showed up in my Google Home, which I am really happy about. So far it works great. Thanks for all the work. Now I can have all my devices under one server.




Hi, My ID1751691343


what’s wrong?


When is Alexa support for Mainland China coming?


China server has been supported


Tried Alexa on Mainland China. Dont work : cannot find devices and device found does not work.
Found only one from 6 Yeelight i have (0ne 650, several 480,color bulb)
All devices can be controlled by yeelight app but cannot be found using Alexa skill.


Alexa doesn’t support Mainland China right now.
Will support soon.


Can you add me to the whitelist: My Mi ID is 1588280109


Can you add me to the white list?
My id: MI ID 1578028401


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Hi guys,

GoogleHome or Alexa ?


In the starting post of this thread you mentioned: we have opened mainland china server to everyone.
Does that mean that my MI ID don’t have to be put on the whitelist?
Anyway i use Google Home.


Yeah, you are right, everyone can use it on China server.


Can you add me to whitelist? Id is 174993958. I am on China server but cannot see my device on Google home.


My second gen bulb on the mainland china still does not show on the google home.
When I try to sync, I see ‘Accounts are now linked’ and then nothing happens. I see the list of apps once again.
Account 1590478475


Please try change default browser


google home


Hi bro, everyone can use GoogleHome on China server.


Hi, can you please add my Xiaomi ID to whitelist? It’s 1654973976


Don’t need whitelist, everyone can use it .