【Google Home】Mainland China Server Support


thanks Master, I try now, add mi home devices and only add two devices but my strip v2 yeelight not is the gh list. I will try again when you say go.


we have opened mainland china server to everyone.


No, you have to reset your devices and reconnect it manually.


Oh, 23 devices by hands :disappointed:



Could you please tell me your real MI ID ? i didn’t find this any logs about this ID ( 1554256689 )


@yusure @coasterli Cannot see yeelight bulb V2 named as kitchen lamp at all in Google Home. tried to re sync and add the account again also reset the bulb but no help
Mi is 436033640


Same goes if i add yeelight account the bulb doesn’t show at all


Please use Yeelight actions


@yusure I can only see yeelight in Google Home. Are you referring to that . If it’s that then it isn’t showing any devices in yeelight except my desk lamp

Edit : all my devices are showing now in yeelgiht thanks so much


@yusure sorry is my fault, my ID is 1566895542, my strip v2 not appear after refresh devices on gh, thanks


I recorded this ID (1566895542), please sync devices again, i will see the logs, check it for you


Yeahhh works, add yeelight provider, and strip v2 works with gh good job master



My yeelight strip suddenly stopped working and the yeelight app says it’s offline for no apparent reason. Can you quickly help me resolve this? Thanks!


Hi, my ID is 1652559755

Thank you


Sorry yeelight works so mi home light V2 not works.

Thanks you


My account is linked with Actions Yeelight of google home, I see my devices but impossible to control them via the assistant, my ID 611092652 on srv mainland china, thanks in advance


Try turning off the power and switch it back on.


OK, recorded your ID, please try control device later, i will see the logs.


Everything works finally, thank you !!


Any update about this? It’s a bit annoying knowing the scene changes and getting a error message.