【Google Home】Mainland China Server Support - Released


Hi, can you please add me? My ID is 1550207775.

Thank You.


As yusure said above, everyone can use GoogleHome on China server, so it’s unnecessary to add mid to whitelist.


Hi I have the Yeelight colour bulbs and Philips ZhiRui lights. The Philips light would only be recognised with the China mainland setting, which I have done and working in the MI Home app. However, now when I try to link with Google Home it does not pair? Google Home only recognises the Yeelight bulbs but will not pair the Phillips ZhiRui.

Can you please advice how to fix this? I have created two accounts in changing the settings under 1811909441 and 1809455059.


Please help to white list my ID as well 1859634869


Hello, it has been released.