【Google Home】Mainland China Server Support


Please add my mi ID in whitelist thanks


Mostly working well here.
There is something that I am not sure is it related to this.
It have been failing and taking a longer time for sync-ing my devices on GH/Google Assistant after Mainland China Server support added to my acc.
I can’t rule out the possibility.




Yes, I think it’s related.


Hi, I have a similar issue too.
It is not related to Mainland China Server specifically,.
Those are the lights under Singapore server.
I have a scene called “Good Night”, it is to turn on the lights and set them to night light.
I will always get the response (Sorry I’m enable to reach Good Night right now. Please try again.).
However, there scene is activated, the lights are on with correct color and brightness.


@nunofos @mokchuzhen
We will take a look at the issue.


Hi @dingyichen I’m facing similar issue with the Singapore server too. When I use the voice command to ask my yeelight strip to change to ‘warm white’ or ‘white’, the reply will come back ‘It seems like yeelight is unavailable right now’. However, when I asked it to change to other colors like green or red etc, it has no problem doing so. It seems like only the ‘white’ command is affected. Can you advise what can be done to fix this issue? Thanks.


The problem is being fixed


I recorded your Xiaomi ID, please try activate movie scene, i can see the logs.



Thanks. Work ok.


Thanks adding ti whitelits,work ok.is possible to add ifttt in china server ???


maybe later.


Hello, please add my id 4152516760


Done, you can have a try now.


@yusure can you let me know when will this issue be fixed because it’s kind of frustrating when I need to switch over to white or warm white light using voice command and it cannot be done? Thanks much.


Hi, I do not know if this is a bug or if IFTTT has not yet been considered during this Chinese server test. The scenes I created on the yeelight application are seen and managed by google home, but they are not included in the IFTTT module integration. I tried to unlink the account and reconnect it, but it does not show me the scenes for the automations.


Yes,you are right,IFTTT has’t support Chinese server now.
This is “Google Home” who support Chinese server this time.
If “Google Home” works on Chinese server well,we will consider to support IFTTT and Alexa on Chinese server.


good to know! just for information, at the moment no bugs have been detected in the chinese server for my experience. I hope in the integration with IFTTT! thanks for your work


Done. The scene changed and got that error. Give it a look.


Is this your MI ID (1620303078) ?