Yeelight Ceiling Light - connection issues after last firmware update


麻烦一下添加白名单~mi 13713000604 谢谢!!!


Also with me the ceiling lamp has been offline for weeks. It has always worked well. Now it resonds to nothing anymore. My mi-id is 1799531562.


Hi! Would you please whitelist me too? ID 1875663571


@vanBee @chuyiwei0220 @Taorulong @vtxyer Done., There’re serval ceiling device type of yeelight, I don’t know which device do you have? Please show me a link of your ceiling light.


Thank you for your response.
In february I bought this light


Please add me to white list
Id : 1687076808
Thank you so much!


Please help add my ID in the white list
ID: 1549025821


My ID: 1747344577 I can’t connect German Server. Please fix!


my mi account ID: 1669875631


用yeelight app 一直顯示離線