Yeelight Ceiling Light - connection issues after last firmware update


Reset twice each time (I have two ceelings) and nothing, do not work on HA 0.74.1


How far are the lights from the router? The one I had most problems with was furthest…maybe update has something to do with it :frowning:


One in same place, the other in other room, 5 meters…


What is your version?




We have successfully reproduced the issue in our office, we are working on the root cause analysis, please stay tuned. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi, no HA version, but
I have Resin OS 2.3.0 + rev1


Ah sorry…I’m on the new HassOS 1.5 :slight_smile:


HassOS 1.7 with Hassio 121 and Homeassistant 0.74.2


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Any update about this?

EDIT: Updated and now work fine!!


Thanks for your info and bug reporting :grinning:


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Same problem
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you are in :slight_smile:


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