Yeelight Ceiling Light - connection issues after last firmware update

My ID: 1747344577 I can’t connect German Server. Please fix!

my mi account ID: 1669875631


用yeelight app 一直顯示離線


I have the same issue.
Please help.
Mi Account: 1796186070

Thanks and best regards

你好 一樣問題 今天燈突然不亮了 麻煩幫忙加白名單 mi id:1608856647

Please add me to white list
MiHome Id : 1907248163
Thank you so much!

I faced the same issue.

hello, facing the same issue My ID is 1735123149.
Please put me into the white list. Thanks a lot

I have an issue of connecting my ceiling light. It always say connection failed… please assist

What’s your xiaomi account and which device do you have?

My MI ID : 6209525157

The light im using is Yeelight JIAOYUE 450

And i downloaded the app on apple app store

Seems your account is in this case, please have a try:

Hi… same problem occurs… :frowning: even after i change that MI ID… any idea why?

Please have a try setup a hotspot with another phone and try connect the lamp to it to see if it works.

Anyone from Yeelight staff to update please ? Still waiting to add my id to the white liste

my mi account ID: 1808717106


大概一天就會掉線一次 掉線時無法使用藍牙遙控器


Please add me to whitelist

This is my xiaomi account: 1603304807

固件版本1.5.9 0023

小米id 302079671

Hi my iD :6259120137
Model: YLXD02YL 650
Symptom: auto off
Please send a fixed firmware thanks!

Pls add to whitelist. Id: 1627066712

Any update?