Yeelight/Xiaomi Smart Home updates, news, rumours & more!


Yes, it is made by Yeelight.


Almost here! Maybe on next update!?


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So is it confirmed that Yeelight will get HomeKit support this month? Even the oldest wifi led bulbs?


Most likely! Homekit compatibility can be added via software updates to Wifi devices.


Can we have a date maybe ? Should it arrives end of the month ??


Awesome news!


Hi guys, after the CES event, the people from Homekit News and Reviews says inthis article that: ‘Whilst we know that the products above will be coming with HomeKit compatibility – if the signage is to be believed – we’ve also learned that most of the current Yeelight products will not be getting any firmware upgrades to make them HomeKit compatible, so it looks as though Siri Shortcuts will be the closest you’ll get with these products being HomeKit.’ What do you think? Are they gonna support LED strips and bulbs?


I don’t know, when I asked them on Facebook if my led bulbs and lightstrip would support HomeKit they answered me: " Yeah, it will be Robert, we’re in some final stage for the certification process with Apple HomeKit. lightstrip and bulbs will support Apple HomeKit quite soon."


Don’t worry, Homekit support it coming for all devices via software update much like what Ikea did with their smart devices. Its is currently being worked on. It should be release some time early this year.


cannot wait for this update! great news! thank you :ok_hand:


It seems like they made the HomeKit enabled bulbs a new generation. I personally don’t think they will be able to implement Apple HomeKit in the previous generation (V2 bulb), since there needs to be a ‘code’ to scan.

It’s not a shame that it’s not possible to make older devices HomeKit enabled. But if that is the case, please let us know.


Hi, the codes can be added to the app via Software updates. This is exactly what Ikea did when they added Homekit support for their smart lights.


Will Mi LED Desktop Lamp and Mi Bedside Lamp compatible with HomeKit? How time can take more? thank you.


Yes, you’re right, It is possible to add the code latter so as Ikea did.
BUT… It start to not smell good since they’ve still not made any official answer.

It was suppose to arrive in CES as a yeelight tweet as say. Instead we’ve seen another v3 bulb in CES…

My 2cts are they not gonna make HOMEKIT available for v1 and v2 bulb and previous yeelight product…
Otherwise they would have already announce it, at least on this forum.

I know that @weiwei said that it will be available but it was 2 years ago and its quite obvious that it’s not their first priority.

Also, they dont have any interest to make this available otherwise you wont buy new bulb :sweat_smile:#appleStrategy


We’ll have to wait and see.


I agree partly.


From the Yeelight blog:

“Now Yeelight is also announcing commitment to support HomeKit in its own products, including Yeelight Aurora lightstrip plus and Yeelight smart bulbs, which are also exhibited this time at CES. HomeKit support for Yeelight products is expected to be available in the coming months.”

Notice how the first-gen bulb is displayed alongside Yeelight’s other homekit products and the Homekit logo.


Also you can see Roidmi’s display booth in the background :slight_smile:


Have any news about release of bedside lamp pro? (See at CES)