Yeelight/Xiaomi Smart Home updates, news, rumours & more!


Which are you talking about? The Bedside Lamp 2 & Desk Lamp Pro have already been released. The Mini Bedside lamp 2 is yet to be released.


Im sorry, i would likes to write PRIME not pro,
According to this Pic below.


That product has not been released yet. Keep an eye out for it on Aliexpress.


Waiting for the Smart Wall Switch…


Will release very soon:wink:


And what about Homekit for v1 and v2 and lightstrip ???


Don’t ignore us that’s not cool ! At least provide something like “okay it’s coming but we’ve late” or “we decide to drop this feature”

AT LEAST AN ANSWER. It was originally announced in 2017 …!!!


We are working on support Homekit for bulb v2 and lightstrip plus version (v1 and lightstrip can’t support the feature), will release a new update once we pass Apple’s certification.


Ok cool! Finally an answer lol
Thanks :slight_smile:


Will be supported Mi Bedside Lamp 2 & Mi LED Desk Lamp? Thank you.


No, they are different chip platform with bulb v2 that can’t support Homekit update.


Ohh…i bought both lamps thinking that they can get homekit…dissapointing.


Will the new mesh lights be compatible too?
I know that Apple doesn’t allow mesh for now, but at least they will be visible to HomeKit?


Good work Yeelight! I can’t wait to buy one!


LED Strip with reference YLDD01YL will be homekit compatible?


Is YLDD01YL extendable version? If yes, it will be homekit compatible.


I bought this one on Gearbest a year ago…


The extandable version just go out less than 6 months ago so I’m afraid your isnt compatible


Ouch! :unamused:


OK, so the First generation Yeelight bulb won’t get HomeKit support, but then why was it advertised a few weeks ago on CES 2019? :slight_smile: