Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


Hi, same issues as a lot of people on here. Can’t re-link to Google home app after I added two new RGB lights. Mi home ID - 1791780806

Light added to yeelight app with no issues and on the Singapore server.

Please help,





Hi, i just saw your successful access log, it works?


Hello, i recorded your MI ID,please try re-link it, i will see your access log. Thinks!


Hi Carl,

Did you see the error message? i recorded your MI ID, i’ll see your access log to debug it.



Hi, it’s just states successfully linked account and then there is no option to assign devices to rooms


Edit still no luck. Not linked to Google Assitant @yusure - not sure if you have debugged it yet?


It still doesen’t work :frowning: it says sucess and opens the rooms Tab, but then it goes back and yeelight isnt linkd


I’m having this issue to says it’s successful but doesn’t show any yeelight options

USA servers

My MI ID 1795044828


You can try this method:
When you sync devices successful, wait a little time on home control page, then pull refresh page, maybe it can display.


OK, i recorded your MI ID, please re-link account, i will see access log.



Did you have two MI account?


Unfortunately this also doesen’t work for me.


Can you send me a private message? tell me your Google account password and MI account password, i link it to help you, when account link successful, you change password.


It’s all working now. BIG Thanks @yusure


Hi, it seems that there are issues with google home, many people face
@Lukaskru problem with other products


Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if I made 2 by accident.


I tried that still doesn’t work


I didn’t find “1795044828” 's any log, are you sure use this account login?



Please make sure you login with same account in google home app.

You can unlink Yeelight service and relink again.