Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


This is normal(screenshot), do you not have “Home Control” menu?
First you should scan GoogleHome and connect it, then you can login xiaomi account and sync Yeelight bulb.



I have previously connected my devices (color bulb and Light strip) and it was linked properly.
After unlinking by accident, this time however it is not linking to Google Home again.

For me the same happens as mentioned above:

I select + from Google to add new device.
After that I choose Yeelight actions.
It takes me to the yeelight website.
I signs in, stating account linked for a brief moment then everything disappears.
When I go back yeelight still appears in unlinked actions and not under linked services.

I am using Singapore server and my ID is 1576268450.

Reinstalling the Google App did not fix the problem. Please help me.



Please refer to this link, should be able to solve your problem.


Did so twice yesterday and for now it did not help.


Can you tell me your Gmail account + password and xiaomi account + password, let me help you link it, you change the password after the link successful.

If you will, please send it to me privately.


It doesn’t look like yours. Maybe Google Home is not completely available in my country? Or it’s not linked to Google Assisstant?

Later edit: I managed to find Google assistant settings and managed to add the Yeelight Service. Now i can control the lights by voice too.
Thanks, Yeelight! Looking forward to buy more of your awesome products!


OK, have fun!


Hey there, the app cant find my yeelight…
When i go to link it, after it links it just goes back to the start nothing happens
My id is 1794325483


Did you see the error message?


I fixed it, forgot to put it on singapore server :slight_smile:


i cannot link yeelight to google home app my id 1794865200 connected to US server


What’s the problem? No device detected after linking or linking error?


after i try to link it says succesful but my yeelight doesnt appear in the home app


Don’t connect your device to Mainland China server.


its not connected to china , right now i have it connected to US and i also tried singapore but still it doesnt appear in my home app




Did you see the error message?


i dont get any error msg it says successful but yeelight doesnt appear in my devices in google home app


show me your xiaomi id


Hello, I unlinked yeelight from google home. Tryed to reconnect severall times but it doesen’t work. It says sucess but there are no Devices in Google home any more. My id is 1789446835. Please check and help