Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


Please share your bulb to me, my xiaomi ID 1287380635


Hi again,

I shared my bulb with you. And this is the firmware version:


Hi guy,

Please use “1859671366” to login on GoogleHome app, unlink old account, because you have two xiaomi accounts.



Thanks a lot @yusure


I also can’t connect yeelight account to Google home.
My ID is 1586514606
Thanks a lot


I have the same problem. google assitant is telling that correct link account but there is no device on list (on yeelight list I have [correctly] two devices. bulb 2 color and yellight ceil led lamp.
please help me - my ID 1627090288

I wrote the problem in another post
I know everything now: ( open minded home change to Singapore server one only this products of lights of yeelight work with Google assistant.
I have yeelight bulb 2 color. This product isn’t in Singapore and doesn’t work with Google assistant. I hope yeelight give this function because on box of bulb is information that it is work.
I have also celling yeelight - it is as a product in Singapore in mi home yeelight products and it works .)


I didn’t find your any logs, are you sure use this ID?




Sorry, don’t know why, I have 2 account.
Now I relogin with the old one but is still not working the link with Google Home
Can you fix it?
Thnaks a lot



I just saw your control logs, it works ?


17532999 have the same issue not able to add device to google home
please check for me


I found your 2 bulbs, it works?


Hi, I’ve tried to see my Yeelight bedlamp on Google Home for a year. Can you please help? And can users register themselves, or does everyone have to ask here?


I am having the same issues all of a sudden connecting to Google Home and IFTTT.
My id is: 1695350103

Please help as this is very annoying now!


Hello, I had my lights connected to google home and even IFTTT but all of a sudden it stopped working so i disconnected it from both google home and IFTTT and now i cant reconnect.

ID: 1881591127


Hello, cannot control yeelights anymore via Google home.
I’ve now unlinked yeelights from my Google and cannot add the. Back.

German server
My ID: 1666273752

Please enable

Post fix: I’ve linked now my Mi Home (xiaomi) to Google home and my yeelight lights turned up and I can control them with voice. :grinning:


I’m having the same issue. I can’t control yeelights via Google Home.

ID: 1868676256


Hello, cannot control yeelights anymore via Google home.
I’ve now unlinked yeelights from my Google and cannot add them back.

Us Server
MY ID: 1891117939


Hi admin,

I can’t Connect Yeelight to Google Home Assistant. Singapor server. My ID : 1692792561



Something was done somewhere, one light turned on by itself.
Now yeelight works back again via voice commands on my Google home mini.

Thanks yeelight.