Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


Hi Tom,

This is Yeelight forum, maybe you can use Mihome action on GoogleHome to control PHILIPS bulbs.



Oh, I’m sorry.
I thought these products are under the same brand as Yeelight (After all, they are all under Xiaomi).

My original issue is indeed about MI Home and Google Home and not Yeelight.
Thanks any way.


Hello, Yeelight team.@yusure

I think i have same problem which mentioned above.
I try to add my Yeelight color bulb to Google home
I can see massage “all done” but nothing happen.
And using the Yeelight App, it goes well.
It didnt connect with google home.
What can i do?

My mi id is ‘1820351293’ and i using singapore server.


I have the same problem, I bought the Yeelights yesterday and they do not connect to my Google Home

My ID: 1681045719


@ddunghu @pablogonzalezzz
Hi guys,

I didn’t find your account log in database, could you upload a video ?


Thanx for reply.
What kind of video do you want?


About bind xiaomi account and discover device on GoogleHome App.


can i use your e-mail to send video?



please check e-mail.



Thanks for your video, i guess you have two xiaomi accounts, please make sure !
Please use this account login ( 1820351293 )



Finally, done!!!
Thank you for your help!!


Hi @yusure
Could you please register this id 1810875836 too? Google home adds yeelight, but not working!
Thanks a lot.



Please keep bulb online, i just saw your color bulb is offline.


Hi @yusure,
Now it is online. Could you check it again please?
Thanks a lot.


Hi @yusure.
Did you register my id? Waiting for your response…



Your bulb is “Yeelight Color Bulb” ? Could you take a screenshot on Yeelight App?



Any progress?



Please tell me you device firmware version.