Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


I recorded your MI ID, please try link account again later, i will see the logs.


Hi, i have the same problem.
Mi Account id: 1645158289
in Mi Home i connected to Mainland China server…


Sorry, Mainland China server not supported currently.




Hi Senk,

Please try this browser, don’t use the Google Chrome.



I already tried all the browsers, all have the same result: I put in my loging credentials, then they display a message “Accounts now linked” (for cca 1 second), then they send me back to the google home app where nothing gets added.


try clear browser cookies and cache


I cleared the cache, cookies and also the data, still I get the same result as previously (“Accounts now linked” and than back to google home where nothing gets added).


Could you private me you account and password? I can help you link it.


My ID is 1598703237


But cannot use singapore server to searh our devices. Please let mw know how to link the google home? Should i connect what server?


This is my id 1853314082. I am from indonesia. Cannot use singapore server. I use mainland china.but its doesnt work to link google home.


Done, please try sync devices later.


Please show me your Xiaomi ID, i can put it in white list.


@yusure my id is 5176920521, on google home it says successfully connected but does not show anything, please assistt


Done, please try re-link account later.


Suddenly I was not able to get google home to control my yeelight account. Try unlike and re-link again now i was unable to get yeelight added as home control in google home. my ID 185892953


We have a service outage. Working on it.


how long it will take to fix this issue?


Already done. Please try again and let us know.