Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


Hi, I also have issue with adding any lights from my account, can you help me pls? My account is is: 1754199921


Hi, I can’t link Yeelight action anymore with Google Home. I have tried all the servers.
My ID 1838850611.

Same with Mi Home, I can see 3 Yeelights bulb V1, but i can’t see 2 Yeelights bulb V2 and 2 mijia Philips bulb.



Awesome now I can link my yeelight acc with google home Looking forward for night when I will try all and turn off my IFTT :smiley: thx for help.


I cant connect yeelight apps to google gome. the ID is 1842080217



What are you device type?


Me too, I can’t link Yeelight anymore with Google Home. My ID 1838850611.
I have 3 Yeelights bulb V1, 2 Yeelights bulb white tunable V2 and 2 mijia Philips bulb.


I found your bulb connected on China server, currently, China server can’t support GoogleHome.


But if I use Germany or Singapore, Yeelight Bulb V2 are not detected by the app. Maybe bulbs V2 are not compatible.


Yeelight smart led bulb. 2nd.


Are you sure use this account? i didn’t find about this account logs.


Can you check on this ? thank you so much


It worked now. I signed in again. Thank you


Hi, I have the same problem, I can not link my bulbs. MI ID: 1815037026 can you help me? im in US server


I recorded your MI ID, please try link it again, i will see the logs.


I was able to figure out the problem, for some reason I have two accounts. I only used one now and it was. So the lamp is making a strange noise.


Hello. It seems that I have the same issue.
Already deleted my bulbs from China server, then I switched to the US server and added a light, then I try to add my account to google home in home control menu, but it wont connect. It asks me for ID and password, after authentication it sends me back to google home, but nothing gets added.
My mi account ID: 1665310832


I didn’t find access log about this account, are you sure use this account login on GoogleHome app ?


Yes I used the same ID (I also tried it with e-mail address - same result).


I also cannot connect to Google Home
MI ID 1823165789


Could you take a video?