Meteorite (crystal pendant) yldl01yl went offline after firmware update.

Hello Yeelight community/admins,

My yldl01yl stays offline after I did a firmware update. When I turn the power off, I need to wait at least 30 minutes before the light gives any reaction (it gives a single flash and the RBG lights seem to be red/orange at that moment). If I wait again for at least 20 minutes, I’m able to turn the light back on and it goes into last setting I had it on. But the lamp stays offline in the app.

What have I tried/my settings/account etc:

  • Tried to re-install the Yeelight app (My Meteorite still showed up without having it to add again).
  • Tried to turn off and turn on power 5 times (tried this multiple times at different times during the day).
  • Tried to switch server. (Currently back on Germany, my recommended server).
  • Tried a different power source.
  • Did a router reset (Ubee EVW3226 which is on 2.4 ghz).
  • MI ID: 1887080271

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi, Can you try with a mobile hotspot instead of the router wifi, so we can judge whether it is a router compatibility issue。

Hello rex_yan1,

Thank you for your response, trying it right now.

After it asks to control wifi/hotspot it keeps on showing the loading circle and the text: “Please wait…”

I’ll let it run for a while and see what happens. I’ll let you know within 30 minutes.

Very sad, but I have to say: crappy product, crappy support from yeelight.
Just see: Problems with Crystal Pendant Light and firmware 2.0.6_0042
Don´t buy.

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@rex_yan1 :
Tried it for 25 minutes. It just kept showing the loading circle and “please wait…”. I tried again and got the message to reset my yldl01yl, which doesn’t do anything. None of the 5 times power off/on shows any light and it doesn’t start pulsating/breathing neither. Please advise me on what to do next.

@andimu1 :
Hey Andi, feeling sorry for you man. Can’t say I have the same experience (yet). I got multiple Xiaomi products and this is the first time I ever have to contact them. Also the first (semi-)DOA I received. But I do know the feeling, since I had this lately with an European brand. May all your wishes come true :wink:

Can you send us a video of the configuration process?
First step to switch the light on and off 5 times,it will blink to prompt reset.
Second step is to open the Mihome app, select the Chinese server and connect the light.

Hello rex_yan1,

Thank you for your reply. I’ll do my best to make a video this afternoon.

But are you sure that I need to use the Mi Home app? Because I’ve only been able to add the Meteorite to the Yeelight app. Besides that, only the Yeelight app offers to switch servers (haven’t seen this in the Mi Home app). The Meteorite isn’t listed in the Mi Home app neither (see screen).

You’ll see it later in the video, but the resetting process doesn’t seem to work. In the cycle of 5 times turning on and of the lamp doesn’t react at all. Not on a single one of the 5 times and not in the end. So no blinking, no light at all. Only if I wait 30 minutes, I’ll be able to switch on the light again.

Xiaomi has region lock. Items bought in China an only be used on China server. Yeelight, even though it uses same servers, does not have region lock (from Yeelight app). That is why you don’t see them in mihome. Be sure to use same server (preferably china, if you bought items from china)

Hello @dalanik and @rex_yan1,

No idea what actually happened but the device is online right now, it works again.

My light however never went into pulsating mode after I reset it (5 times on/off). There where no lights at all, but the Yeelight app was able to find it again.

Is it normal that my device did not lid up at all during the reset process?

@dalanik thank you very much, information like you provided is essential. Thanks!

For now my problem is solved, thanks!

Hi @Meerdat

How did you manage to contact the lamp again?

I and @davidvenero have two bricked lamps so we are very eager to know how you fixed it!

Both our lamps seem to be 100% unresponsive so we really hope you can help

Best regards, Allan

Hi @Allan_DK ,

did you find any solution? I have also two of the ceiling light Yeelight ylxd01yl and one of them stopped working. I can measure electric power supply on input wires on mother board of the light. I tried also this LED panel and was working in second light. No rection on restart procedure and light is not visible in yeelight app or mihome app. Unfortunately on light was only one year guarantee, bought on gearbest, so their support only to buy new one. I really don’t know if it is hw issue on this mother board (is existing any service manual or drawing?) or it is some sw issue according to discussion above?

Thanks for feedback.


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Hi @MaLyCZ

I didn’t find any solution. I gave up and returned the lamp to the seller in Hong Kong (extremely expensive). I cross my fingers I will be reimbursed. All things considered I do not have high hopes.

This is one of the worst buys I have ever done

I deeply regret buying this lamp

I wish you the best of luck!

Please do keep us informed if you find a solution!

Best regards Allan, DK


I’m experiencing a similar issue where I cannot update the Yeelight Meteorite light and it is very unresponsive.
From the Yeelight app, I cannot change the ambilight and the app does not know the state of the primary light (it does not know if it is turned on or off and even if the device is powered).
Have anybody else experienced this?

Technical info:

  • Yeelight app version: 2.2.19
  • iOS version: 13.4.1
  • Yeelight Meteorite firmware version: 1.3.2_028 (cannot update to 2.0.6_0042)
  • Yeelight model: yeelight.light.ceiling10

Best regards,
Also from Denmark :grinning:

Hi @Tobias-DK

It seems that most - if not all - affected users are on iOS.

Perhaps if you still have connection to the lamp you could try doing the fw update from an Android device.

There is also somekind of lowlevel Android app that is supposed to reset the device somehow.

I ended up loosing all life sign and the lamp was bricked before i could test this myself

Best of luck,


I have the same problem…

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Also iOS?

Hi @Allan_DK,

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try to get hold of an Android phone.

I’m currently trying to get the seller to acknowledge the problem but it is apparently a very difficult process… @Allan_DK did you have any luck returning the lamp?

Best regards,


Let me put it this way… It was a nightmare - but finally I got a refund via PayPal. TomTop from whom I bought acted like a-holes… I never experienced such bad customer treatment.
They will actually provide you a return address - BUT this address is not valid.

I spend 100s of DKK returning the lamp to a non-existing address

I was (and still is) mad like h…

They will never reply sincerely on your requests… and keep tiring you with auto-replys like: send us a YouTube video and our technincian will look at it (not matter what you ask them about) even if you already did this before. I am 99% sure they will not look at the video… they just try their best making you loose your mind or just give up.

I sincerely do not hope you used this same vendor…

Best of luck



no Android 9.x


Hi Louigi

Then it seems the issue isn’t platform dependent…

I wish you the best of luck