Problems with Crystal Pendant Light and firmware 2.0.6_0042

I have some problems with the latest firmware. Can’t adjust the favorite settings/predefined presets “Night Mode” and “Movie Night” it turns light into “moon mode” but don’t adjust correctly the brightness and if If try to do it manually it turns back to “sun mode”.

By the way, is there any way to control ambilight from scenes? Because if I want to turn on “night mode” or “movie night”, when it works again, I can’t change ambilight automatically.

Thank you.


I’m talking about Yeelight Meteorite. Any body has this problem?

I have the exact same problem.

Since I updated the firmware it’s not possible to enter the moon mode anymore. As soon as I want to adjust the brightness of the moonlight the lamp exits the moon mode .

another problem since the update is that if I use the remote to cycle throw all the colors of the ambilight by long pressing the sun icon I am not able to get bright full red color as it was possible before.
As I like the immersive full red color of the ambilight the most, it would be greater if this could e fixed.

Another issue is that if only the ambilight is turned on it’s not possible to turn of the lamp by single pressing the off button on the remote.
Even if I press the power button in the yeelight app the ambilight does not turn off. The app shows that the light is turned off but the ambilight is still on. I have to turn on the light again and then turn it off again to really turn it off completely.
Even Alexa can’t turn of the lamp if only the ambilight is on.
I have to first turn on the light with Alexa and the turn it off again . It would be great if this could be fixed .

A colorful flow mode as it’s possible with the e27 light bulbs would also be great. As it shows the real beauty of the lamp

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My account ID is: 1701014705

Does other owners of the lamp can confirm the issues with this firmware?

Can’t solve the problem even if I reset the original settings. :frowning:


  1. This device has been removed from the moonlight mode due to the poor support of the optical scheme for the moonlight mode.

  2. The remote control switch color cycle is adjusted according to the needs of the product manager for 9 low saturation colors.

Sorry for bringing you inconvenience.

What does “poor support of the optical scheme” mean?
I loved the moonlight mode and it worked just fine!
Moonlight mode was one of the main things I wanted this light when I bought it.
And I hate it when there is nothing written before buying this light that moonlight mode doesn’t work with remote control. Remote control and both dimmers have information that you can go into moonlight mode and this light is one of them that should support it.
What is wrong that it cannot be used since I was able to use it like that?
Thank you.
Best regards.


I just love the moonlight mode for night scenes or watching movies. Please let us use this.
And, is it possible to control Ambilight with scenes or automations? Thank you!

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In my opinion the moonlight mode was great. Without it it’s not possible to use the light on occasion when you need dimmed light, because the light it’s too bright. Try to have a romantic dinner without the moonlight mode …
In my opinion it’s not possible .

If I would have known about the consequences before the update I would not have made it.

Would it be kindly possible to downgrade my lamp to the previous version I had?
Because I was completely satisfied with the lamp before !

Now I can not use it on some occasions as I did before !

So please let my lamp downgrade . Thank you !
My mi account is : 1604053553

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If you won’t solve this problem, please donwgrade mine to.
My account ID is: 1701014705

Hey guys,
May I ask where you use the Crystal Pendant Light in your house? Living room, dining room or somewhere else? As I wonder the detailed occasions when you need to use the night mode on this pendant light. Thanks.

Hi! I use it at living room. The moonlight mode is perfect when I want to see the TV and when I try to get my daughter to sleep.

Will it be help for you if we set up some scenes with cozy ambient light (Like the warm candle), together with the main light which is also warm yellow and with low brightness (Like the main light in the Night Mode Scene), then you can use them to watch TV or for your daughter sleep . And you can adjust the brightness or color of the ambient light or the main light all by yourself with a scene.
Pls let me know if you got further ideas. Thanks.

It will be great tho change the ambient light with the scenes, now it’s not possible. For example, now I have an scene to enable the “night mode”. It changes a bulb, a led strip and the pendant lamp, all at the living room. But the scene can’t change the ambient light, so I have to get the mobile and change it manually. I have another for “cinema mode” that turn off the bulb and enables just the led strip and the pendant lamp, and I have to change the ambient light manually again.

We can set up some scenes with ambient light and main light together, but still, it’ll be the ambient light color predefined by us. You can change the color of the ambient light by voice control if you don’t wanna use mobile phone. And there’s another way, you can set up 「customization 」, it’s all defined by yourself, including how color and brightness changes.

The predifinied scenes for both lights will be great. In the app Xiomi Home there are one called “dishes” that is good for dinner and changes both.
At Yeelight app there is “romantic date” that changes both lights too. But for “Movie Night” or “Night Mode” we need to select the scenes por principal light and then for ambient light. And if I preconfigure an scene to change several lights I only can control the principal light for the Meteorite Lamp or select predefined scene that doesn’t changes the ambilight.

Hi all,

just received the FW update yesterday (German server) and also have problems:

  • Moon Mode ist not available anymore: That’s a real bummer, because minimum light is way too bright without Moon Mode (i.e. Night Mode scene is still too bright). Actually I only used the main light in Moon Mode before. Please bring it back! Otherwise I would also need a way to downgrade firmware pls - with this brightness the lamp is unusable for me
  • Cannot change color of ambient light: The color tab in the Yeelight app (IOS, 3.1.83) just shows a white page without any colors. So currently there is not way to change ambient color

Would be great if you could fix these two issues. As said, in this state sadly the light is unusable for me

Thanks a lot!

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Sure. I’ll set up the scenes with the ambient light and principal light together, just like the scenes in Mi Home APP as you mentioned. Also, there’ll be a scene with a color flow of the ambient light in Yeelight APP.
If you got further ideas, pls let me know. Thanks!


For the second, we’ve fixed this issue and will be released in next version soon.
For the first, may I ask where you use this pendant light in your room and in what occasions you would like to use the moon mode of this pendant light.