Strip extention 4m


Done, please have a try tomorrow.


Can someone add me to beta tests ? My ID 1800375853, Thanks and best reguards :slight_smile:




I am also interested in the beta tests. ID: 1617414455



Done, please have a try.


I am also interested in the beta tests. ID: 4150118556


Hey guys,

are there any news about the release of the new lightstrip with extension up to 10 meters?


Hi. My led strip is on firmware 1.4.2_0044. It still has the issue of the green color having red also turned on…

My ID: 1768646885


is now april, can provide update with regard to the led strip plus


New firmware received and green is now green, with no red.

Thank you


They’re just choosing to ignore any questions about the light strip plus. Great customer care!


Can we get back on topic with this thread? It’t not about firmware or colours! Start your own thread.

What about strip extensions?


yeelight strip plus, april 2018, they have few days left to release it and stop saying that their customer care is bad, they are doing very well and be patient like I am… 10 m strip, I will buy few for sure!!!


well I don’t see any replies about an exact release date - or even an approximate release date. It just gets put back - and put back - and…

Why have a forum of they just ignore the questions?

I describe that as poor customer service…


well i hope they will prove me wrong but i don’t think that there will be a new light strip for many months.
in order to release it, they need to pass an FCC approval and i don’t think i have seen anything on their site so… it will be at least 3 more months before there is a chance to get it.

but as i said… i hope they prove me wrong. if you need to buy a light strip… go buy a simple one 5M and then buy this thing…

it works perfectly and it will cost you less than the yeelight strip.


For beta group, yes please :slight_smile:

ID: 1763356336


Hello team

Can I also teste the beta version for the led strip? My ID is 340993331

Also regarding the new large yeelight led strip do you have any news date of release

Thank you and best regards


please update “ANY” info about lightstrip plus


Please need beta version. Id:1544384125


Any news on release date for LightStrip Plus?