Strip extention 4m


Done, will be available after 7 hours.


My ID is: 1578905808


Done, please have a try.


I’d love to get the beta aswell! My ID is 1609930700


Done, will be available after 15 hours.


@dingyichen dingyichen
Please send me the beta!
I requested this fix in another thread!


Done,have a try after 6 hours.


Thanks, blue is now really blue!

No bugs so far, tested every scene. Also LAN control still works perfectly. When will this update get pushed to everybody?


Coming soon in two days, i think.


Thanks for the new firmware! Runs good!


TO all who are waiting for new firmware:

Firmware 1.4.2_0044 has been put online.




I installed Firmeware 1.4.2_0044 and rechecked the colors. Red was fine before, you fixed blue, but green is still wrong.
If I just turn green, red is still on too, that should obviously not the case.

Red 255,0,0

Green 0,255,0

Blue 0,0,255


Thanks for you feedback, this is really a bug :rofl: Have fixed the issue, will released in next version.


I updated also one of my strips. The blue is fantastic.
And yes, It seems that with green is a problem. I never saw it.


Where is the new firmware with fixes? :slight_smile:
You promised it 5 days ago!


Please provider your xiaomi account ID, I will add you in the beta test to have a try.


Mine … ID: 1744792246 :slight_smile:


My ID: 1731827622



Please have a try, let us know if there is any issues.


Please, add me too for beta testing - ID 1784071285 :relieved: