Strip extention 4m

It is possible To extend the led strip. I need 4 metters

There will be an extendable version, up to 10 meters.


Do you now when this new version will be available ?



Thx. Do you now the date or month when this new version will be available ?

Suppose not too long. It’s already in internal testing.

If this picture is correct (it seems to be an official document) it wil be release in april

don’t forget to ask your color expert to turn the red light off so that we can have actual colors like blue.
people are still waiting for the firmware update of the ledstrip with that issue

I would suggest that you wait until Yeelight releases Lightstrip Plus. It was revealed at CES2018 that Yeelight would be releasing a new extendable lightstrip.


@PrimeTeDeV @LucasRey


BTW, firmware update for Gen1 is ready, is anyone interested for beta testing?

Yes sure, thank you, my ID: 1744792246

Added. Suppose you will get new firmware 12 hours later.

Thank you, I’ll keep you informed

Got it, firmware 1.4.2_0044 received and installed correctly:

And finally, BLU is BLU, thank you Yeelight team, never got such kind of support from other companies, keep up a very good work this is your “winning card”.

Maybe the photos don’t show correctly the changes, but I can assure that the BLU is shown now in a perfect way.

This is BLU/PURPLE before firmware update:

And this finally the REAL BLU:


Is too late to enroll for the beta update? My ID: 1669631102

Glad to know it works for you!

Done. Will take 12 hours before you can get the update.

It’s never too late.

thank you!

Can I enter too in the beta please ? :slight_smile:

My ID is : 1601823519