Google Home Integration


Weird. Try refresh the device list, if still not work, try to unlink and relink again.


No luck. Got Yeelight color bulb again. My current settings are Server Locale: Mainland China, developer mode: off, firmware 1.4.1_52.


Mhm, try unlinking your Yeelight account on the Google Home and then go into the Yeelight app, and change the name of the bulb to Bedroom in there. After that, try linking your Yeelight account back on Google Home. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Only support Singapore server.

You must have connected your bulb to Singapore server before, so there is device data on that server, but you can’t actually control it.

Try to reconnect it to Singapore server.


ohhh, that’s why. Thanks so much!!


i can scrap ifttt wuhoooo
-yeelight user malaysia-


Hi guys, is the Google Home hardware (~150€) require to add lights in the Google Home app?
I don’t have it and I can’t find the menu to add them in the app so I think the hardware is needed right?


May I ask why you want to add them to the Google Home app without having the Google Home device? If you want to control them using the Google Assistant app you have to download it and add it from there. Not all phones support Google Assistant so it depends on yours. Otherwise, you would need to get the Google Home device.


You can also use google assistant.


Exactly! You can use either google home (hardware) or google assistant (software on android).

For either way, you have to link Yeelight actions app in your google Home app.


With this integration, now, I can control my lights from any where by any means, from my phone with google assistant as well as my android wear watch and, of course, my google home. Not to mention a bulk of 3rd party app as Yeti and ImperiHome. Such great Lights you are supporting and producing.


Happy to report that I can now apply Scenes via Google Assistant. Thanks for the help!


That’s great! Thanks for feedback!


Can anyone tell me why i cannot activate any scene? What are the world i need to say? I am trying “activate romance or candle flicker” but it shows me results of google images! Also i noticed that the candle flicker scene is a bit to bright for a night bedroom, can you add another scene with lower brightness?


Did you create a scene named Romance or Candle Flicker in Yeelight app?


Yes, sorry I am late because I am on vacation. Is there anything else I should do? I make scenes for every favourite (candle,home etc) but when I say activate home for example it gives me results from web…


Please show me the screen capture of those scene you have created in Yeelight.


here is the screenshot you asked!


The Yeelight is working pretty good with Google Home, like you can see here:


I think we have fix that issue. Have you tried again?