Google Home Integration


Hi! Will the Yeelight bulbs have Google Home intergration in the future? I’ve noticed that using IFTTT is quite sluggish sometimes. Thank you!


Yes, as soon as Google Home release its API, we will support it.


Hasn’t the API already been released? Has the integration been done yet?


No and No.


But what about this…


The API is not designed for SmartHome, we can use this API of course, however, it’s very complicated and took lots of effort.


Oh okay ): that’s unfortunate. But I can still use Google Assistant and IFTTT to use voice commands, correct?


Yes you can use IFTTT to use voice commands to control Yeelight.


I think you should contact Google and work with them to add Yeelight. They just added 4 more companies to Home.
I think public API is not coming in near future.


We have contacted them several times, but no response at all. I think they are only considering work with some big players for now. It’s really disappointing and frustrating.


Looks like it could be done by May this year after Google IO 2017, documents were updated.


We are working on it.


Waiting for any good news as I just found out I can use google assistant to control my smartthings and Philips hue
Ifttt works only for one bulb at a time it seems I need to control one pair at a time or a group


Actually it works with more than one bulb, just set up a scene


Yes for a scene but I want toggling on and off for a group of bulbs actually I am using that with smartthings


You can setup a scene with all bulbs off and another scene with all bulbs on.

BTW, google home is on the way.


Meaning Google Home and Yeelight integration is coming?


Yes,we are working on it


any estimation on when?


Can’t tell. Still coding. Actually google service is not stable.