Google Home Integration


Thanks for the review!


Hi! I have just purchased the Yeelight RGB bulb, but I cannot find the “home control” menu with all the smart device selections on my Google Home app, it only shows me the chromecast that I’m using. I have installed the latest version of the Google home, running on Android 6.0.1 (Oneplus One). Any idea what should I do? And to clarify, I do not have the google home device, just the app.


u r welcome, mostly did it for my german friends, hope I can review some more of your staff.


No its not working i just tried! Well i am using IFTTT to change scenes with voice…there is lag but its the only way!


Thanks for that, Heiner

kind regards Lukas (aus dem Ruhrgebiet oder Münsterland, man weiß es nicht so genau hier :smiley: )


Seems a lot of German friends here. Welcome!


What’s the system version of your phone?


Android 7, Android 6 and windows. I have tried from lots of them it’s not the device’s problem


I have 2 wifi bulbs, configured to work with homebridge and Siri already.
And I have a Google home also, Is it possible to configure this 2 bulbs working with Google home and Siri at the same time?


sure, siri works through local network while google home works through cloud.


managed to configure on both platform. Thank you

just played with both for a while and found something stupid
Google Home: ’ turn the lights into blue’ , the lights turns into yellow orange like color, while the same command works with Siri perfect.
Siri: ‘turn the lights into black’, the lights turns into white with maximum brightness, while the same command works with Google home perfect(which turns off the lights)


is there or will be there a way for google home to work thru local home network instead of thru cloud?


no, that’s not how google or amazon designed.


When I try to add it through Google home, I sign in and accept the two permissions and then when it says “assign rooms” nothing comes up and then it says “successfully added” but it isn’t there. Any help?


somehow, mine doesnt work.

i can see all my bulb in yeelight app. but when iam in google home app, adding device, select yeelight, type account/pass, its loading, and then gone, with the message “successfully added” but returns nothing, i didnt even get to select anything.

i successed once, in like 20 times, i dont know how. but i know it worked once. and now, it just never pop up all my device (in google home app when i adding yeelight device)


@alanyee Can you tell me your xiaomi ID and your city?



ok now i made it to work, by deleting them from my U.S server and adding all of them back to Singapore server.

another problem is how do you update my device list in google home app ?(with yeelight plug-in).

coz the only way i can tell is unlink it and relink it. which in the process will delete all of my setting (bulb to room assignment).

thanks for your attention.


Hi alanyee,
We’re communicating with Google on this feature, wait for our news.


you guys are amazing !!!and i just ordered another 2 bulb, so now i have 8 in total lol


Hi, does anyone know if I could work with groups instead of rooms? I have 3 bulbs in the kitchen and 1 in the living room. I would like group all 4 of them together so I could turn all of then on/off at once instead of saying 2 separate commands.