Google Home Integration


Did you connect your bulb to Singapore server?


Thanks for your effort! Have you tried scenes? I mean create a scene under scene management and apply it through your voice.


Yes connected to the Singapore server. Should I reset or reinstall my bulbs?


No need, please run discover again… or disconnect from Yeelight action and reconnect.


As I mentioned above, the refresh rate is quite slow, sometimes you have to refresh the Google Home app many times to get the devices.

Scenes are still not working, don’t know how to figure it but still trying, guess at this moment ifttt to apply scenes is better than Google Home native app.

And it seems like Google Home App sees scenes as devices.


To Dim/Brighten what command are you using?


Ok, we will arrange a round of testing tomorrow.


Just use “Dim/Brighten the kitchen lights”.


Hey, guys, thanks for the update.

I have just received mail from google actions to notify Yeelight Actions was approved! Finally!

We will test it again in our lab tomorrow and officially announce that good news if everything going well.

Appreciate if you could help to verify and report issues to us!

Thanks again! Cheers!


Good job guys


Yes, thanks for your endlessly effort to make this happened.


Thanks guys !!!


Guys, can someone make a quick “how to”? I nevr used this and just installed Google Home app and just can’t figure how to add Yeelights there? What do I need to setup??


Thanks for the excellent work. I’ve been wandering around my house turning on and off lights via my Google home. Couple of things that I don’t understand. How do I apply a scene? And what’s the sync rate with the Google assistant and the lights server? Do I have to unlink and then re link if I create scenes in the app?

A comprehensive howto would be very very helpful.

I’m really pleased that I invested in this ecosystem, thanks again.


Updated Google Home today and what a surprise! Yeelight native integration!

Has anyone figure out how to set up scene though?


Yes, currently, you need to unlink your account and relink again to refresh your device and scene list. We have reported this issue to google.


Yep done that. Scene still showing up as devices.

EDIT: Read the other related thread. The scene applied successfully in Yeelight app but doesn’t work using Google Assistant.


Will it also be available in German??


You need to check Google Assistant and see if it supports German


Did it work for you in google assistant?