Google Home Integration


Any news?


Hi! I noticed you asked on the Google Home Forums about your Yeelight Action but was redirected to the Actions on Google Developers. I saw that you asked about the “Please update app name pronunciation in App Info and Save again” error and got replied to go ahead and contact the support team. Is there anything I or we can do to help? Or have you already contacted the Support team? By the way, thank you so much for your hard work in trying to integrate this with Google Home. I have been waiting so long for this. :grinning:


Yes, I have contacted support team thousand times. It seems that topic ring a bell to someone, they replied finally. But didn’t give any valuable response, just “We are still working on it”.


I just got another reply about the issue I reported, it is a bug and they are working on it. :sweat:


Dang, well I hope it gets fixed soon. Thank you for the info! :smile:


Any progress ? Very looking forward for the integration


No. Still waiting.


I might be wrong but is this live now? I just spotted yeelight actions under home control on the Home app and was able to set up a device in a selected room.


I can confirm this too!! I just got all my lights working with my Google Home! Great work!!


Yup, just checked and I have it available in the UK, cheers guys! :slight_smile:


:slightly_smiling_face: thanks soooooo much for this! Very happy with it , well worth the wait!


Great guys!
Really Thanx!
I can control my yeelight now.
Is there any way to control Yeelight Bedside and Power Strip (wifi version)?


Anyone experience A conflicts between google home and IFTTT command? I already delete IFTTT command which linked to yeelight, but it seems like google assistant somehow still link to IFTTT instead of google home integration


Two tips for us newbies

  1. When adding Yeelight Actions in, you need to have Chrome Browser as your default (as it opens up a browser for you to sign in to your MI a/c & authorise G.Home access to your account. Firefox doesn’t work properly.
  2. If after adding it in, and commands like “Lights on” “turn the yeelight on” “turn the bedroom light on” then you might need to reset your Google Home device (hold the mute button down for about 15sec), then add the Yeelight Actions in again.


I haven’t had any conflicts between my yeelight actions and IFTTT. Both seem to work seamlessly, however my commands are worded differently. IFTTT “Turn on/off lamp”, Actions “Turn on living room”. I’m still using IFTTT to change brightness as I haven’t found an action for that.



Confirm that yeelight actions appeared on my google home, yay, so cool…


Really? Finally …


Yes, Im testing right now but the refresh rate seems a bit slow but the actions are quick.

So far tested actions that worked:

  • Turn on/off room name/light name
  • Dim the light
  • Brighten the light
  • Change the light to ‘color’

Still testing scenes.


I’m having trouble connecting Yeelight Actions to my Google Assistant. When I attempt to do so, it will tell me the link was successful but I don’t see my bulbs in the device list shown immediately after.