Google Home Integration


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Thanks for your feedbacks! That’s motive keep us working to make it better.


I just bought 2 pcs color bulb in U.S. It is glad to hear that google home intergration is coming soon. Looking forward on its performance.

By the way, is there any plan to sell 110v bulb in other market? It is quite far away for Asian to buy 110v bulb from U.S. thank you


Hey, I just registered to say “thanks” too!
I’m from Russia, so sorry for my English…
Yesterday just bought 3 Yeelight white bulbs for living room general lightning.
Really thinking about buying another couple of colorful bulbs or, maybe, LED strip for TV backlighting.
Awaiting for GA integration :slight_smile:
(Yes, I know about IFTTT, but… you know too)
One question: will it be native integration or [“hey, Google, let me talk to Yeelight…”, “hey, Google, ask Yeelight to…”, etc.]?


Something like “ok google, open bedroom lights”


I’m waiting for this for so long, still no luck with Google? I hate to see every other smart lights out there get integrated with Google Home, such as Philip Hue, Lutron, LFTX, ect…, while our beloved Yeelights don’t.


I was asked to provide png file as the logo shown in google home app, suppose the last step before flip to live.


Any idea on how long this will take? I’m so impatient. Lol. Thank you for your updates! You guys seriously rock!


WOW!!! Big news’s coming up!!! Can’t wait!!!


Thanx for your efforts guys!
Greats from Brazil!

I´m waiting for this for so long!


Any news?


cant wait for this native support wuhooo


Nice! Slowly but surely.

Can’t wait :slight_smile:
Good job guys.


Google home recently added quite a few brands native support. Looking forward to see Yeelight on the list!!


Yes. We have been waiting for weeks, but google never respond. They might be busy in processing new request.


Any update?


We keep asking but no response.


Hi there !
first of all thanks for your constant customer care with feedback and improvments it is so valuable !
I’va bought a couple of Yeelight bulb (strip is on its way :slight_smile: ) and xiaomi gateway device and setup some automation i’am happy with that.
But from France I must admit that the link between the 2 companies is a bit confuse for me, so i’am asking if with the GA plugin I’ll be able to trigger scene define in mi-home . I mean control more than Yeelight device.

Thanks !


Technically, xiaomi could make it happen. What we can do is just Yeelight part.


Hi there ! I must thank to all yeelight staff. You guys working hard for this integration. An idea come up my mind, can customers send message to google for this integration. This can help to establish integration ? like this topic :!topic/googlehome/4UKqtOx8RVQ;context-place=forum/googlehome


I just start a new topic, hope it could help.[quote=“fernym18, post:103, topic:982”]
Hi! I noticed you asked on the Google Home Forums about your Yeelight Action but was redirected to the Actions on Google Developers. I saw that you asked about the “Please update app name pronunciation in App Info and Save again” error and got replied to go ahead and contact the support team. Is there anything I or we can do to help? Or have you already contacted the Support team? By the way, thank you so much for your hard work in trying to integrate this with Google Home. I have been waiting so long for this. :grinning:

Yes, I have contacted the support team thousand times. It seems that topic ring a bell to someone, they replied my mail finally. But didn’t give any valuable response, just “We are still working on it”.