Google Home Integration


It’s a bit off topic, but why did the lights get called yeelight?


It’s the action name not the light


Can we help with training ?


I don’t think so. I have provided sound file to google, and they are working on it. Typically, it will take two weeks.


2 weeks aint a big deal, as long as Google approves us to make Yeelight intergrated. Cant wait for that day to come.




One quick question, when Google Home and Yeelights are integrated fully, will it work on China Locale or just others like Singapore, for ex? Because I want to automate my home with Xiaomi Ecosystem but still no sight of when they’ll be deployed in Spore.


Singapore server ONLY.




any update? How is it going?


No idea about what’s going on. We have sent couple mails to ask, but no response.


Keep sending though, squeeze them though :smile:


I haven’t noticed any new announcements after I/O for other brands either so Google is probably still testing things.


Yes, exactly.

Couple weeks ago, Google has rejected our google home actions app for the reason that we have clarified some functionality that not ready. :joy:


I’m interested in the Ceiling light. Can you confirm that once Yeelight works with Google Assistant/Google Home, all of your products including the Ceiling light and the Color LED Bulb will be supported too?

For example, I expect that I can tell my Google Home like this: “Turn Yeelight green” or “Dim Yeelight to 30%”

Is this possible? Thanks.


Yes, all the wifi based Yeelight device will be supported.


I recently started to be interested in yeelight products and was impressed by the staff who are working to support Google home.
I want to say thank you and keep trying to support Google Home.



Suppose Yeelight Actions will go live shortly.


Hey I just registered to say thanks !
It is nice to see the staff replying to customers and having a conversation to make the products better.
I own 2 RGBW Yeelights and planning to buy a third one. Patiently waiting for the Google Home integration ! Yay !


Thank you for your quality products. Been using now for more than 3 months yeelight led stripe behind my tv with IFTTT and voice commands using Google Assistant and it works perfectly. (nexus 5x).
I’ve ordered 2 more rgbw led bulbs. Hope that scenes will work.
Waiting for Google Home integration.

Keep up good work!